JOHN     John Carter (Chair)

Starting in 1976 I’ve worked my way up through our company until in 1991 I was proud to become production director of the wallpaper company started jointly by my Grandfather. Wallpaper is all about design and colour and without a continuous stream of new and exciting design talent the industry’s future would be bleak. When I was invited to become Chair of Trustees; I had no hesitation.  i-dott gives students and surface print industries the opportunity to meet on an international scale through the vehicle of an annual competition and other events.


Debbie Buchan     Debbie Jane Buchan

I have worked in the textiles and design industry for over 17 years having qualified with a BA Hons and MA in Surface Design and Visual Communication. Art and Design has always been my passion, but I’ve a very strong interest also in technology and how the two can work creatively together.   have been fortunate enough to have my work recognised and featured in over 12 annuals and publications, from International Design Year books, Designers of the 21st Century, through to international magazines and exhibitions.   I chose my Masters and Degree courses, because Art, Design and Technology are my passion. I knew from an early age this is what I wanted to do and I have been very lucky to be able to follow my dream. I have had various inspirational mentors who supported me through the years in education and industry. I am thrilled to take an active role participating in design and industry community, to give something back and share the knowledge, bringing industry and education together and most importantly inspiring fresh new talent into the industry.

  Me 1Janette Feeney

Passionate about design and excited by wallpaper and textiles; I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t looking through wallpaper and fabric swatches & books. I also passionately believe that we need to inspire and support our ‘Designers of Tomorrow’.  i-dott gives students the opportunity to come face to face with industry through our annual competition. They get the chance to meet and discuss with the industries’ decision-makers and the opportunity to hone their skill in busy commercial designs studios.


ANTHONY     Anthony Garnett

There’s no doubt that ‘great design’ is leading the resurgence of wallpaper and surface print textiles.    Therefore supporting and encouraging the best up and coming design talent is a must to keep the industry at the top of its game.   ‘i-dott’s prestigious annual student wallpaper competition is a fantastic way of building links between design students and the commercial world of wallpaper and surface print design.  For ambitious young designers it’s not on a unique opportunity to get invaluable experience but also the possibility of one day seeing their design on people’s walls.


DUNCAN     Duncan Harrision

Working in education, with the ‘designers of tomorrow’ is fantastic; every day is different and flowing with energy and invention. I’m fervent about providing students with creative experiences, opportunities and skills underpinned by employability.  As such, the opportunity to support and work with an organisation that parallels these interests is an honour. i-dott recognises the desire to connect the innovation and enthusiasm of students with industry links and informed real-world scenarios that work towards the continued positive future of the creative sector.


Stephanie Jebbitt     Stephanie Jebbitt

As a designer I am passionate about innovation and pushing the boundaries technically to create successful products. I understand from personal experience and also as an employer of designers, the challenges that a young designer faces particularly at the beginning of your career.  The design industry is extremely exciting to be part of but to fulfil a designer’s individual potential depends on passion, the encouragement from others and the opportunities that we are blessed with along the way.  The annual i-dott competition has created a platform for young designers to respond to a brief and to be showcased to the industry, year on year that platform is growing in all directions.  It is a pleasure to be invited to be involved, and to assist in developing the links between industry, Academia and new designers.

     robin 2